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The sides of this place of assembly were sketched, over with the guidelines W3c HTML to be compliant 4,01. All sides are on compliancy and a put icon, generally into the lower right corner, over compliancy with the valid HTML standards to indicate examined.

Since these sides "compliant standards" are, they should format, as in everyone data base search routine of the standards compliant intended. Unfortunately large monopolies are interested such as Microsoft not in standards and preferred it to cause their and dip the remainder of us into a confusing confusion of the data base search routine version examinations and the specific notches of the different data base search routine, because they are too useless to sketch a data base search routine which is appropriate from the title.

If you do not have one of the data base search routines down, let us go receive. They are free and for the first time, attempt, to follow the standards which would have always followed each normal company. If everyone compliant to data base search routines improved, the net would be much better place. Old data base search routine versions force people to sketch Buggynetzseiten straight therefore you can regard them. Do your part. Ascend now.

IE6 for Windows supplies finely support for HTML 4, Css-1 and other important W3C-Standards. Ensure Don't, if you know don't, what this means; the people, which establish your websites, know. The data base search routine is free of charge present. Note: IE5 supports NOT standards and should be avoided.

The expenditure IE5 Macintosh, released in March 2000, gives great support for key net standards (CSS, HTML, XHTML, png, Ecma-262, DOM1HTML) and an elegant user experience. IE5.1, released December 2001, improves on its predecessor. The data base search routine is free of charge present.

Netscape 6.2 agrees with important net standards, including the full support for XML and CATHEDRAL. These technologies can help net designers to manufacture efficient places of assembly which work well. The data base search routine is free of charge present. Netscape 6.2 repairs bugs in the earlier releases and adds support for Mac OSX. It is based on standards compliant machine and that the open source Mozilla Gecko, which supports AIX, OS Linux, Win32, the Mac, OpenVMS, HPUX and FreeBSD and all present data base search routines can be compliant.

The opera 6 for Windows, released November 13 2001, supports many key net standards and a multiplicity of the platforms counting. Its line designer was a main author of the standard Css-1. The data base search routine, which functions well even on older PC with limited energy, is free of charge present. (A-Bezahlungsversion is also present), opera supports Windows, OS Linux (beta -, but work very well), the Mac (beta -, but work very well) and becomes soon the OS/2, which EPOC and the platforms BeOS support.

Konqueror is A full featured, modern graphic data base search routine for Unix/Linux, with excellent support for net standards including HTML 4, Css-1, ECMAScript and the cathedral level 1 and partial support for XML and Css-2. The present version is not wrong on the same level of the observance, however as Mozilla, can indicate IE and opera and some places of assembly in Konqueror consequently.

The IBM WEB more browser is based on opened project Mozilla Netscape Quell(sehen you above) and excellent standard support of the offers for peoples with OS2/Warp and work area On Demand IBM.

This place of assembly is dedicated, in the large part, to indicating the illustrations in the JPEG format. If your data base search routine does not indicate illustrations, I do not recommend you those to disturbance, which regards this place of assembly. Some illustrations are also rather large, and become somewhat annoying, if they are regarded on dissolutions of screen less than 800 by 600 pixels. If your dissolution of screen is smaller, say to 640 by 480 pixels, you should it increase, if possible. Because of the large illustrations, some sides can last some time to load on slow InterNet connections. There is no way to avoid this. If you liked a slow connection to have and this place of assembly regard, you, which is some sides, including their illustrations, from 200 K upward and up to one, were warned minute or more could take to the load on a communications adapter with 28,8 K.

This site uses CSS, cascading stylesheets. Some older browsers don't support CSS, in which case the pages will not format. If you don't see green text with a border, enable CSS or get a new browser.

-thei :-)

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