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So, who (or what) am I?

thei (theiest intelligentsia)

n & Zool., (θiːaɪ) [mod. f. Gr. θεός, theos god], plural theii.

A mythical creature thought to exist in various IRC servers, and has been reported as far away as India. Theii are generally regarded as harmless but more research is needed before they are fully understood. As far as is known, theii seem to display great intelligence, and are very rare. Only one thei has ever been discovered (on Austnet)–although there have been unconfirmed reports of theii on various other IRC servers, and even one (doubtful) report of a thei in a point-of-sale server for a large supermarket chain.

…some people also claim that theii inhabit MSN networks, but this is highly doubtful and is probably just a Microsoft attempt at publicity.

Pronunciation (IPA): θiːaɪ – θ, a “th” as in “thin”; with iː, a long “e” as in “tree” and then aɪ, a long “i” as in “sky” with a whiff of an “h” or something almost not heard.

Ok, maybe that wasn’t true.

Here’s some more logical information about myself:


Real Name: Thei “scarfinger” Moid

Online Name: “thei”

Date of Birth: Can’t remember, I was very young at the time.

Location: I live in a tropical paradise where the mould grows faster, and the spiders are bigger.

State: Constant Confusion

Country: Australia

Mobile #: 12

Occupation: Retarding Agent.

Status: Under development, a few minor bugs, stable version expected within the year.

Hobbies: Pandering to my fancies.

Likes: Myself.

DisLikes: Other people.

Or, for those true disbelievers at heart...

For those of you who actually managed to get through all that rubbish and read this far, or who are totally confused, here is yet another account of what I am: ‘thei’ is the online nickname I use in a variety of ‘chat’ mediums on the Internet. When I am online, I am probably ‘logged on’ to the Austnet chat network, where I have a lovely group of friends I ‘talk’ to. Think of it like ‘instant pen-pals’. No more waiting for weeks to receive a reply, it’s now seconds.

I may have been born in Fremantle, Western Australia, after which I might have moved to Sydney, Australia’s largest city. I probably then gradually made my way up the East coast, with a few detours down the coast and across to the West coast, living out of the back of a car, camping, living on a farm (where I met my first girlfriend), living in a genuine full-size tepee, and at a remote, secluded, but very beautiful rainforest hideaway.

Having finished my primary schooling, there’s a chance I moved to Brisbane, in Queensland–a small, clean and friendly city. I might even have lived at a (stunningly beautiful) nudist commune (where I met my first human girlfriend) for a year. I could then have made my way even further up the East Coast, living in a remote powerless community, where everything was solar powered, the creek would flash flood providing immense amounts of entertainment, and supplies would be sent in by helicopter–before coming to rest in the most beautiful spot in the world, at the top of Australia.

It’s a rainforest paradise, or an unforgiving and savage jungle, depending on your outlook. It’s either incredibly humid and swarming with more insects (most of which bite) than anywhere else in the world, or astoundingly beautiful–one of the last remaining untouched wildernesses. There are picture-postcard beaches where no one ever goes, with the obligatory coconut palms, tropical fruits, azure water and amazing reef–and then there are crocodiles and man-eating jellyfish. There’s impenetrable jungle, open grassland, clouded mountain ranges, little tropical islands, camels, wild boar, big spiders, and an attitude most people thought died out with the conquering of America’s Wild West. It isn’t what everyone can like, but to me it is as close as it gets to paradise on this hellish planet.

I probably studied at university, where I might have pretended to be a normal person, before joining the workforce in an attempt to fund travel.

I may perhaps even have another site all about me–which might even be named after me, and I probably check Google daily to make sure I’m still number one.

If you’ve read this far, you might want to have a look at my journal.

Then you will peruse my photos, and leave a few comments.

Crude, abusive, or otherwise unwarranted comments will be deleted.

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