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Hello and Welcome.

I’m thei, and this is my attempt to provide an audience for some of my photography.

Here you will find a few of my photos (including some of myself), some information about me, instructions on how to get in touch with me via IRC, Email, or MSN and much, much more

Then, if that’s not enough, you can visit my other self-devoted site,, have a look at my journal, find out what amused me–or just visit the site map.

You might also wish to view the help and accessibility and privacy statements…




Dedicated to lulu who introduced me to IRC in the nicest possible way.

Be amused or read my journal

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Ned – July 8th, 2003: Welcome to my personal nightmare ;-)
Ned – August 29th, 2003: Radical site upgrade begun. All new content will be template based, although you shouldn’t notice too much difference from the outside.
Ned – February 1st, 2004: The site has now moved to a different server, and I’m slowly updating various bits and pieces.
Ned – February 4th, 2004: I’ve (finally) added a contact form, site map and search page.
felmingtron – February 13th, 2004: DID IT INVOLVE SECZ?
martron – February 13th, 2004: MAIBEE!
Zoe – March 22nd, 2004: I am a 17 year old GOTH GIRL.
finial solution – March 27th, 2004: what?!!!
eric – May 9th, 2004: w00t
Yem – June 14th, 2004: rather spiffy eh
onur – June 22nd, 2004: who are you
Isa – June 23rd, 2004: Visitor stopping by
zoid – June 25th, 2004: you were spammed in my chan ;p
Ned – July 2nd, 2004: Added Google AdSense adverts, we’ll see how they go
LoSkO – July 13th, 2004: y0u aRe tHe rEaAlLL He|L
Ned – July 13th, 2004: Have you seen a psychiatrist about your typing problem?
sum1 – November 2nd, 2004: is that olly in the elite irc posse image(genifer garner-alias)?
Chuck – November 12th, 2004: Oh, you suck so very much!
Ned – November 12th, 2004: Thankyou for your encouraging comments.
Ned – December 3rd, 2004: Image alt and title display-on-hover tooltip system added.
Ned – December 21st, 2004: Added pop-ups similar to the image ones, to links – browser differences are a pain.
Stefan – April 22nd, 2005: Hey ya , just to ask 1st where can i find the ful 4.22 of pnp ? :P That's all from me.. bye 4 now
NSWBUFF – August 8th, 2005: This site is a piece of sh*t and so is far north qld and pretty much all of qld! :)
ovidiu ionut – January 7th, 2006: salut
Fubar – June 8th, 2006: Comment!
Ned – June 8th, 2006: …and a very nice comment if I may say so!
Deano^ – June 21st, 2006: Comment 2!
Ned – November 26th, 2009: Test comment on new server
Ned – June 2nd, 2014: test comment

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