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Internet Relay Chat (IRC), a protocol allowing free, easy to use, real-time chat (via typing) and file transfers for users connected to the internet. A small, free and easily downloadable application (mIRC - for Windows) will allow you to get connected and begin chatting straight away, or use the free java chat applet below, to connect right now – no need to download anything.

Find me on IRC most hours of the day ;-)

Click here to instantly connect to IRC and Austnet
Click here to instantly connect to IRC

Once you have mIRC or a similar program, use server “Austnet” to find me on the best channel on the network,


If you already have mIRC installed, and are using Internet Explorer 4 or later, click here to autojoin channel #mushroom.

Warning - Do not accept any files from anyone on IRC unless you know and trust the sender.

Please Note: Java chat applet requires either MS Virtual Machine or Sun VM Version 1.4 or higher.
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shawnna – April 21st, 2004: hello
Ned – April 21st, 2004: Hello
jocko – September 10th, 2005: having fun trying to login. i think it be's the firewall here. grr.

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