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There are three ways to get in touch with me – the slow way, the fast way, and the painful way.

Sending me an email all but guarantees I will at least receive it, when or whether I read it or reply is another matter. Using IRC is instant, and allows you to get in touch with me in real-time, it’s the next best thing to actually phoning - but there’s no guarantee I’ll be on IRC at any given time (but it’s free and easy – try it first). MSN (and ICQ) are... only to be used as a last resort – when you absolutely refuse to use IRC. You’ll have to email me before I divulge my MSN or ICQ contact information.

Feel free to send me a message, I may even get around to reading it one day.

Contact me

Due to the ever-friendly spam bots that roam the Internet searching for juicy email addresses to add to their databases of free holiday and credit card offers, I have masked my email address. You can send me mail by clicking anywhere inside this box, or on the image above – provided your browser supports JavaScript. If it doesn’t, email me a complaint and I’ll see what I can do about it.

Smile. You’re on candid camera. grin

Please note: It is illegal to send unsolicited or abusive email.

Alternatively, you may send me a short comment, not longer than 800 characters.

Note that personally identifiable information will be recorded for security purposes.

No responsibility is assumed in any manner. Correspondence is not guaranteed to remain confidential nor is it guaranteed to be read or replied to. Read the privacy statement for further information.

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