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MSN Messenger (now Windows Live™ Messenger) is a “chat” program allowing users who have a Microsoft® .NET Passport or Yahoo! account to chat to other users who use compatible chat programs. Freely available from MSN, or chat instantly online at

I currently use MSN Messenger© in addition to mIRC. It allows for voice chat and a few other advanced features not implemented in IRC, although worse in most other ways. Contact me if you think you deserve to be added to my authorised users list.


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Dharus – May 6th, 2004: This site kinda sux
Ned – May 7th, 2004: Thanks, so do you :-)
The fabulas 1 – May 12th, 2005: Hi there
The fabulas 1 – May 12th, 2005: Hi there
Ned – May 12th, 2005: Hello...

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