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Hello Everyone,

It seems it’s customary to send out an email when leaving, so here it is. I’m off to Tasmania for a holiday, then up north to visit with my family for a while, after which I’ll most likely end up back in Brisbane.

I’ve learnt a lot here, had a good time, made some good friends, and hopefully not too many enemies.

I thought I’d finish off with – for those of you who aren’t blessed to be technical consultants – a little insight into what I’ve been doing here over the past year, and for those of you who are, perhaps share a little of what I’ve learnt.


As a technical consultant, you will (from left to right) do jobs move jobs from the new queue to the Webtech Escalated queue, monitor servers try to contact TAMs telepathically (because no other way works), and take phone calls argue with other companies’ customers about all sorts of faults we aren’t responsible for.

NOC Room


You’ll start off wugging at East Brisbane, where everything will fail…

A graphical representation of work…


…you’ll be asked to help everyone else, lift heavy boxes, find one missing tape amongst thousands; it will either be very hot, or very cold…



…and you’ll end up strange.

…and its consequences on the human psyche


Then you’ll be sent to the fishbowl. It’s cold, noisy, and you’ll get in all sorts of trouble if you leave the floor-tile-lifter-thing where I left it. Ear-piercing alarms will sound as soon as you make the mistake of gathering your thoughts.

NOC Room


Then you’ll go back downstairs, where you’ll alternate between solving problems…

Solving Problems


…and talking to customers.

Phone calls


Sometimes there’s a brief respite…



…but usually it’ll be extremely busy.



Sometimes, something* fails. You should call in sick on those days.

* The mail platform.


But luckily, there’s always Milo and coffee.

Milo & Coffee


As demonstrated by Ryan*, Milo consumption is directly related to work performance.

Ryan’s Milo Efficiency
* Ryan may not be normal.







While it may seem like the perfect job, after much consideration…



I have decided to call it a day.

Lots of Ned at computer deskLots of Ned at computer deskLots of Ned at computer deskLots of Ned at computer deskLots of Ned at computer deskNed at computer deskComputer deskDarkness




Thanks for all the good times.

Various dates, culminating Wednesday 28 November, 2007

Photos > Ned > Quitting Work
<o]-[Quitting Work]-[Working Well Together ►>

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