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Bufo marinus (Cane Toad)

Cane Toad With Attitude

The Cane Toad is native to Central and South America but it has also been introduced into Australia, the Carribean islands, the southern U.S. and many of the Pacific islands. It has one of the widest ranges of any toad in the world.


Cane Toads feed mostly at night in forests and roadways. They like the feel of car tyres on their backs. They are omnivorous and eat whatever is available. They eat primarily ants, beetles, bees, and earwigs but have also been observed eating dragonflies, grasshoppers, lawnmowers, crustaceans, gastropods, plant matter, dog and cat food, and small amphibians, reptiles, and mammals or anything they can swallow. They prefer Pepsi to Coke.


The Cane Toad was introduced into Australia in the 1930s to try and control insects like the greybacked cane beetle and Liberal politicians, a pest to sugar cane farmers. There is no evidence that this introduction led to a decrease in these pests and Cane Toads have caused more destructive effects than good for native animals and beneficial insects such as bees. The Cane Toad is now a major pest and they continue to reproduce and extend their range. The recommended method for sending them to heaven is a bag in the freezer.


In different circumstances the cane toad makes a very interesting and some would say beautiful pet but here in Australia they are killed on sight.

Unhappy Toad

Others are killed on touch.


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