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He and I, the duo incarnate.

duodenum n. LME . [med.L (so called from its length = twelve fingers’ breadth), f. L duodeni ] Anat. The first portion of the small intestine immediately beyond the stomach, leading to the jejunum. (jejunum – what a cool word)
jejunum n. M16 . [med.L, f. L adj. (sc. intestinum ) neut. of jejunus fasting: so called because usu. found to be empty after death.] Anat. The second part of the small intestine, connecting the duodenum and ileum.
jejune a. E17 . [L jejunus fasting, barren, unproductive, meagre. Sense 2b perh. f. idea that wd is f. L juvenis young (compar. junior ) or Fr. jeune young.] 2 Intellectually unsatisfying, lacking substance, shallow, simplistic; dull, dry, insipid, vapid. E17 . b Puerile, childish; naive. L19 . M17 . jejunely adv. E17 . jejuneness , jejunity ns. E17 .

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June 24th, 2002

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